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My name is Kiira and I am from Finland.
I once found myself wanting to be the world’s best figure skater.


Such things happen without being able to say which day or year it was. It was somewhere between the skating school’s spring event and Lyon’s European Championships. In the spring event I was a butterfly. In Lyon I was 6th. At the days of the butterfly skating was still child’s play with my friend Elli. It was aping my talented sister Petra, who injured at the times I started to take part in the training camps. And when I with an ever-growing guts started to repeat triple jumps in the halls without sunlight nor flashlights.

My sister is still my best support and friend. By falling a million times you can either get permanently injured or become a butterfly again. Be like Michelle Kwan who so many times took flight from my video recorder. Deserve the lightness of the world’s best skater.


Devotion is my fortune. When you learn to live in the ongoing microsecond and find the purity of 100 %, you want to go just anywhere to do that every day, again and again. And when you succeed in something new or something really difficult, nothing beats the adrenaline rush you get.


I know what I want and I’ve decided to get it. Later on I probably want to do something else, but right now I skate like the ice was melting under my feet. And I strongly believe it’s gonna be one beautiful trip.


Thanks for following my journey towards my come back to competitions next season after a difficult injury. I hope my skating can bring joy to your life and inspire especially young girls and boys to pursue their dreams and passions.

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