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My name is Kiira and I am from Finland.
I once found myself wanting to be the world’s best figure skater.


Such things happen without being able to say which day or year it was. It was somewhere between the skating school’s spring event and Lyon’s European Championships. In the spring event I was a butterfly. In Lyon I was 6th. At the days of the butterfly skating was still child’s play with my friend Elli. It was aping my talented sister Petra, who injured at the times I started to take part in the training camps. And when I with an ever-growing guts started to repeat triple jumps in the halls without sunlight nor flashlights.

Turns out I never became the world champion in figure skating. And that’s ok. My journey as a competitive skater that lasted over 20 years was full of different experiences, emotions, places and people that I feel very grateful to have encountered.


Especially the challenges and difficult times that I faced through out my career turned out to be the most valuable experiences and created space for something new and beautiful to emerge.


For me skating still feels like a natural and joyful way to explore life and what it means to be a human being. When music, movement, feeling the energy of the ice, air and my inner body all come together, something unique always arises in the present moment. That’s why I still perform and hope to be able to share those precious moments with you.

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